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RAW DAY 2017 was held at the Arts and History Museum in Santa Cruz, California on July 23rd, 2017. The RAW DAY Videos includes all the day’s speakers in the order of their presentations.

Thanks & kudos to Cosmic Trigger illustrator John Thompson, DJ Greg Wilson, Videographer Andrew J. O’Keefe, event organizer Dustin O’Reilly, and the unflappable artist Bobby Campbell.

Snippets – a short preview of the RAW DAY 2017 Videos

The Presenters at RAW DAY

(listed in order of their appearance on the day’s schedule)

Dr. Jabir, aka Nick Herbert, physicist and Quantum Tantrist

Richard Rasa, Metaprogramming Director for The RAW Trust & Co-Publisher at Hilaritas Press

Adam Gorightly, Discordian Historian

Ferdinando, Magic Experience Designer

R.U. Sirius, Cyberculture Luminary, Co-Founder of Mondo 2000

Erik Davis, author/journalist at techgnosis.com

Daisy Eris Campbell, Producer/Director of Cosmic Trigger the Play

Christina Pearson, Bob’s daughter, Trustee for the RAW Trust & Co-Publisher at Hilaritas Press

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from RAW DAY 2017

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