The Robert Anton Wilson Trust

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Bob’s daughter Christina Pearson, Trustee of the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, has engaged Bob’s long-time friend and legacy-supporter Richard Rasa as Metaprogramming Director of the RAW Trust. The two are working with a small group of extraordinary and beloved advisors* in an effort to maintain the trajectory of pasta (KTLF). We are forever grateful to this dedicated group, and all the other wonderful people who have offered their help over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fulgurous Exhalation Conglobed in a Cloud by the Circumfused  Humour.

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The final precept in humans is always verbal or symbolic and hence coded into the pre-existing structure of whatever languages or systems the brain has been taught. The process is not one of linear reaction but of synergetic transaction. This finished product is thus a neurosemantic construct, a kind of metaphor.

from The New Inquisition, by Robert Anton Wilson